Friday, December 17, 2010

Lady Liberty

Lambert Academic Publishing from Germany contacted me last October 12 with an interest on a paper presented in several conferences, Cognate Bilingual Dictionaries, somewhat obsolete I had to confess and therefore updated and re-written as Language and Identity, Using ICT to Recreate a Private Tuition Environment in a Multi-functional Classroom and, finally, as Building the Self in Linguistic Diversity.

I also told Ludmila Caus, their Acquisition Editor, about my other research Collective-Unconscious Dynamics of Gender Parity recently published by the Ontario International Journal on Sustainable Development and she suggested to include them both as two chapters of a single publication. It took me quite a while to figure out the points in common of the two investigations and thus justify their inclusion in an introduction but, finally, the angle found was good enough from my modest perspective.

We reached an agreement by October 17. Included the artwork needed for both articles, a mixture of personal pictures and artwork together with public domain and wikimedia resources, and sent my final version by November 12. A few days later, that is, in about five to six weeks from the time LAP contacted me, my work was published in AMAZON.COM and other retailers at no cost for the author, including a free copy which I just received yesterday. Thank you for such a great deal of satisfaction.


  1. Me gusta la estatua de la libertad.

  2. Tu a has echo alguna MIngo??
    Estan muy curradas y todo eso...

  3. En esta foto aparece una chica con una corona en forma de estrella.
    Esta foto es la Estatua de la Libertat.
    En verda esta estatua esta muy xula